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30 June 2016

Mobile Device Generation

If you are reading this blog, you probably have seen our Sponsored Ad on Facebook or Instagram, via your phone or desktop device or perhaps you are a new visitor to our website (thanks for ‘connecting’ with us).

The truth is you are one of the over 1 billion users who actively use mobile devices. 

Mobile Generation

The average person spends over 9 hours per day viewing items on a screen: watching Videos, Photos, Vines, viewing updates on Facebook or showing the world your story through Snapchat. Mobile technology is not the future- it is now!

Imagine the million of conversations that occur each day on Social Media. Is your brand or company being mentioned in any these conversations?


Digital Marketing creates profits

 According to GSMA Mobile Economy, digital marketing is critical in driving your business forward and grow profits.  

“It is driving innovation and the development of new services in areas such as digital content, social networking, and online commerce.”  (GSMA Mobile Economy Study)

 Extend beyond your physical space

Digital Marketing enables businesses to extend beyond the parameters of your physical location to outstretching into different locations, demography and connecting with various individuals or businesses. Social Media allows brands the opportunity to attract, engage, and convert potential customers who are online to your business.

Statistics about Digital Marketing

  • About 69% of the small businesses surveyed agreed that mobile marketing is key to their growth in the next five years and will consider increasing their mobile spend this year.
  •  78% of Facebook users are mobile-only.
  • Different mobile media activities are preferred by different demographics. Following is a brief summary according to whether a typical user is older or younger than 30 and a male or female. No activities examined by the study came out with an average user being a female older than 30.
  • 84% of Small Businesses Currently with Mobile Presence See Increase in New Business
  • Digital advertising, video games, and broadband will continue to be the fastest-growing segments over the next five years, with projected compound annual increases of 12.7 percent, 8.1 percent, and 7.8 percent, respectively, to 2019.

(Research Study by the Chief Marketing Officer (C.M.O) Council Worldwide)

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