Building Relationships through Marketing

So you just created content and posted it on Instagram, a picture or video, to your followers, when suddenly (or perhaps after an extended time period) a comment pops up in your feed. "Hi, check out my page. We can make your bu... (Did you see what happened there- we stopped reading the message).

At this point a few options can be explored: send a Direct Message (DM) to the person/business and encourage them not to do such a practice in the future; delete the message or block the person.

The point is that approach is simply-Wrong!

He has to get to know her, prove himself worthy or a good suitor to her family, and the list goes on (you get the point). A guy can't just walk up to a random lady and propose to her immediately.

The same principle applies to Social Media, build a relationship first before start selling your products.

Engage in conversation, provide some tips, share and add value, then see how the relationship progresses. Not all relationships usually work out (some relationships are short-lived and end after the person unfollow your page because you didn't follow them). Conversation


Take time to build positive relationships with brands before selling.