Marketing - The art of collaboration

Connecting with the right people can yield great results.

Networking Marketing: A team's effort

We all have had an experience when someone mentioned 'Network Marketing' - we had mixed reactions. For some individuals, they embraced the idea as a development and new area of marketing; while others quickly became guarded and viewed it as a 'Ponzi' scheme.

Some individuals guarded responses is linked to the perspective that network marketing is linked to selling travel, luxury or even natural or herbal products.

Individuals who venture into these industries tend to have varied degrees of success. Network marketing thrives on a collaborative effort to create team success. Team members are able to achieve their goals through the support of their team. The end result- everyone benefits.

Traditional Marketing

Marketing involves meeting the needs of your customers. After identifying the needs of a client, assess your competence in meeting those needs and provide the satisfaction that will forge a relationship between you and the client. Marketing transcends beyond just meeting the client's need or desire, but creating a meaningful connection with your brand and products. The relationship that is formed, based on the customer's experience or the feeling associated with a product, will enable your business to be the choice for that client. A happy client will always share the experience about your brand and product, which leads to referrals.


Digital Marketing: Creating the right connection

The 21st-century marketer has to be more creative and utilize digital strategies to achieve greater success in company's objectives. Salesforce suggests that the modern marketer must have dual functions: part scientist and artist.He or she has to incorporate digital strategies including social media, email marketing, and content marketing, along with traditional marketing tactics to achieve success. The internet has bolstered a marketer's arsenal in being effective.

The digital world has created new opportunities, which once limited individuals. Individuals and companies across various continents can be linked and connected through technology. Consequently, online communities are formed through individuals who share common characteristics and interests. These groups connect to share ideas, recommendations and support of businesses.

It is now easier to connect with influencers through creating valuable content via social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and websites. Meaningful relationships are then created, bringing industry expertise and growth to your business, more awareness about your brand and products, and ultimately more profit.

Get Social today. Start connecting with others in your industry and reap great rewards.

John C. Maxwell states "Teamwork makes the dream work".