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Be Different-Stand Out among other brands

Today’s world is filled with so many people, cars, brands and businesses-sometimes it seems so hard to get recognized among the crowd. It can become quite daunting or seemingly futile to try outshine or become popular, but is it worth it?

Traditional Marketing vs Content

Marketing, in its simplest form, is meeting the need for service or product to a customer. There will always be a demand for a item; we are humans-so we are eternally in need of something. Whether it be a easier mode to transport, technological device, shopping or even food; a void is there to be filled.

8 Social Media Strategies for Business

Having a business without connecting with your customers online is akin to being an anti-social person. Everyone is on social media these days students, teachers, parents, college graduates and even CEOs. The very people you are targeting.

Marketing - The art of collaboration

We all have had an experience when someone mentioned 'Network Marketing' - we had mixed reactions. For some individuals, they embraced the idea as a development and new area of marketing; while others quickly became guarded and viewed it as a 'Ponzi' scheme.

Building Relationships through Marketing

So you just created content and posted it on Instagram, a picture or video, to your followers, when suddenly (or perhaps after an extended time period) a comment pops up in your feed. "Hi, check out my page. We can make your bu... (Did you see what happened there- we stopped reading the message).

Now You See Me!

If you are reading this blog, you probably have seen our Sponsored Ad on Facebook or Instagram, via your phone or desktop device or perhaps you are a new visitor to our website (thanks for ‘connecting’ with us). The truth is you are one of the over 1 billion users who actively use mobile devices.